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We do various kind of advisory in the forex industry, the below list of services is simply the most inquire projects. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any specific needs.

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Frequently asked questions

No. Since 2022, Metaquote has already stopped White Label Offering.

Metaquote prohabit sale of main label. That’s why we handle every deal very carefully to make sure we are not violating the bottomline.

Highly depends. From 1 months to more than 1 year, depending on the requirement of the regulator on Shareholder and Director Due Diligence.

The 2nd hand forex brokerage market

We deal with various type of 2nd hand market transactions in the forex industries, including:


Metaquote has officially stop issuing new MT4 main label license since year 2019. However, MT4 is still dominating the retail forex market, accounting for roughly 80% of global retail forex market trade volume. By data, most of the customers are still reluctant to shift to the other trading platform.

As such, the only option to run a brokerage effectively is to acquire an incorporation which holds an MT4 main label license in the 2nd hand market. Our team has been successfully made dozens of transactions in since 2019.


With the latest Metaquote pricing introduced in Feb2021, the complete shift to subscription based pricing model means brokers are no longer able to purchase a MT5 main label license.

The new subscription pricing model, although no more setup fee is required, the monthly fee increases dramatically increase with the user count. It means an extra burden for some particular players in the industry.

If you are;

  • a broker who has significant number of active clients using MT5
  • Just using MT5 as an execution server


Purchasing an incorporation with MT5 old main label license could dramatically decrease your recurring cost and hence increase your business overall competitiveness.


Since the Covid-19 started in 2019, the global economy slowed down and so do the government worldwide. Together with the increase concern on global AML policies, a new application for an forex license takes at least 9 months or more nowadays. 

If you have urgency in starting up a new brokerage/ upgrading your brokerage to be regulated, acquiring an existing forex license would be by far the quickest solution available. 

Acquiring an existing offshore forex license usually takes 2-3 months time, and in some situation, the license come with an corporate bank account which is ready for the new owner to use once the license transfer is completed.

Our team has been specializing in forex license 2nd hand market since 2018. Since every deal is unique, we always try our best to be transparent in front of the customer, in order to deliver the full picture of the deal to support our client to make their best decision.